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Camper Conversions.....


    We offer a wide range of camper conversions and services, all of which are aimed at helping our customers get the most from their individual van life experiences.


We can convert modify and fine tune any number of vehicles from the brand new to the classic. We are all about the customisation, so using our pre-designed conversion options and our experience as the platform we can tailor and tweak, until the ultimate campervan that suits your budget has been designed, crafted and produced.  


Our team takes great pleasure in guiding our customers right the way through the initial purchase and design process. Whether you are still pondering which vehicle would best suit you, or you have already made that initial commitment, we can help.





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Base Vehicle Buyers Guide


The manufacturers combined have laid a minefield of options.


There are stripped out commercial vehicles, vehicles with seats, different engines size, not to mention all little tweaks and add-ons you can choose from. All these options are in your hands, but can be very confusing to start with.


We have put together a small introductory guide to the very basics. The first hurdle and questions we are asked is “which type of van should I buy?” and “How much will all this cost”. These are hard question to answer directly without considering budget, requirements and preferred style.


Hopefully this guide will get you on the right track. Contact us...

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Camper Conversion Services

• Full and Part conversions

• Cupboards & Kitchenette units

• Bespoke CAD designs

• Upholstery

• Seats & Rock’n’roll beds

• Elevating roofs

• Windows

• Electrics

• Suspension upgrades

• Exterior styling

  and much more...……

Are you looking for a base vehicle

for your Camper Conversion? We can help...


We source brand new direct from VW

or from many of our partners constantly

updated used stock lists

 Contact us now for details.


All vehicles & conversions come with full warranties.

Buy with confidence.

Van Sourcing